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Use of the information on this site

Realworld Software Products B.V. (RWSP) strives to ensure that the information provided on this website is complete, current and easily accessible, and that the information is widely used and reused. Because the site offers, among other things, documents and sources, it is important for visitors to know under which conditions these are available.


If you experience any problems accessing this site you are requested to contact us via the contact information supplied.

Personal information

RWSP attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of all visitors to the website. That is why we strive to ensure your privacy as well as possible when using our services. You can consult this website anonymously.

Collecting data

The personal information you send us will be treated confidentially. Your data can be recorded in various ways, for example via the website or by using order forms, reply cards and mail. This overview states when we need your data:

  • To download and comment on this website you will need credentials. For creating these we ask you to send us your name and mail information.
  • If you view or download information material via this website, we record a log of these with your credentials.
  • With the credentials we will send you Newsletters via the e-mail service; your data will only be used for the sending of this Newsletter. When you opt out of this service, your data will be removed from our mailing list.
  • Our server recognizes your IP number and registers the pages you visit. We collect this data for quality control and improvement of the website.
  • For the technical functioning of the search query it is necessary that a cookie be placed on your computer. This cookie only contains technical data, no personal data is collected.

This website also contains hyperlinks to other websites not belonging to RWSP.  RWSP is not responsible for the way in which these websites deal with personal data that are requested on those sites. Third-party documents that are offered on this site remain the responsibility of the original organization when it comes to the content.


Neither RWSP nor the submitter of a piece of software is responsible for any harm caused to the entity downloading and using the piece of software.

RWSP does review the software made downloadable on this site. This does not mean RWSP is responsible for the quality of the software and possible harm caused by using the software. Neither is the submitter responsible for any harm caused by using the software.


Use of photography / visual material is only allowed after written permission from the photographer in question. Unless otherwise stated, a Creative Commons License applies on this website. The user may copy, distribute and pass on the content of the website but not edit it. The user must mention https://portal.diagnosticsincontol.com as source.

The Pictures belong to Jennifer E. Kok.

Purpose and processing of (personal) data

With registration of data from visitors to the website(s), RWSP aims to improve the effectiveness of its website(s). Data on the date, time and duration of your visit to the website(s) will be gathered at RWSP in order to record the interests/preferences of all parties involved. This data will not be deleted after the session.

For personal details : only the data that the visitor has actively left behind will be recorded. Personal details are not made available to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which the visitor has left them. Moreover, the address list is only used by RWSP. RWSP also does not collect addresses by other forms of electronic feedback.

Changes Privacy Statement

RWSP reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is advisable to consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are kept informed of these changes.

More information

Do you have questions about the website, or are you missing information? Let us know by sending an email to support@diagnosticsincontrol.com.