The Diagnostics User Portal is a community of Diagnostics users worldwide that contains modules created by and for users. Customers donated these so all Diagnostics Users can leverage these modules.

Diagnostics is a tool that measures all User Events to determine the performance and interaction as experienced by the user. Next to that, monitoring processes push events with system state to Diagnostics so that these can be visualized in user-defined dashboards. Diagnostics provides an extensive amount of standard dashboards. These results can identify pieces of code that can be changed or optimized to improve performance. Customers can extend the functionality with custom modules. For more information on Diagnostics see www.diagnosticsincontrol.com or contact information below.

Please note that Realworld Software Products BV reserves the right to include modules deposited on this website into the standard Diagnostics product and thus falls under the M&S responsibilities for Diagnostics.

Furthermore, Realworld does not provide support on modules deposited here by any customers as part of the M&S responsibilities for Diagnostics. However, should a customer wish our assistance with these modules, a paid service may be discussed.

Custom Modules

Short Transaction Server

Supporter: Diagnostics Competence Center (Coen) The Short Transaction Server is by nature a bottle neck in a Smallworld system. Smallworld is based on Version Managed databases, that is long transactions, so short transactions are ugly duck between the beautiful swans. A short transaction means you block the database for handling the atomic transaction. This means other …