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October 8, 2020,

Horizontal or Vertical that is the question
Don’t log too much but don’t log too little! This is one of the delicate dilemmas to be addressed by administrators maintaining your Smallworld environment. Too much and the urgent issues are missed. Too little and you miss the urgent issue by default.

Your Smallworld setup is not isolated, but part of a complicated infrastructure. More and more companies start monitoring their infrastructure. Quite often, only at a high level (Horizontal). Diagnostics alerts you at high level (Horizontal) and gives you insight in detail (Vertical).

Download the Q&A sheet: here

Koen van Keulen (DevOps member) and John Leeuwenburg elaborated and demonstrated some of the most interesting findings regarding logging and monitoring in this webinar:

April 30, 2020,
Koen van Keulen will show the new features of release 2.3.0 of Diagnostics and Show how Diagnostics will help you keep your systems up and running.

  • GSS Support (Kubernetes)
  • Smallworld Logging Framework
  • Alerting and Monitoring console
  • Improved Replay User clicks
  • Improved CRUD

April 23, 2020,
Diagnostics during the Crisis – easy to install & no license fee!
As the world struggles with the new work norm, working from home can present its challenges. Water, Gas, Electric, and Telecom companies need to facilitate its employees with work @ home environments to ensure its customers continue to receive service.
However, this can put a strain on IT infrastructure, the work environment, or even the home front. Realworld recognizes this. We would like to assist utility companies using the GE Smallworld platform by providing a specialized Diagnostics version dedicated to those people working at home. With an easy to install mechanism and specific dashboards designed for the home worker, your staff need not be frustrated – you can actually help them overcome it.
To support our society, we will provide our remote Smallworld worker support platform without charging a license fee for three months, and possibly longer if the crisis extends further.
In this webinar, we will demo the solution and guide you through the process.
For more info:

September 20, 2019,
We believe the era of reacting passively on issues is passed. Diagnostics gives you insights by monitoring your Business Processes and you can proactively improve them.

Webinar June 27, 2019
Diagnostics, your questions our response
After the GE Americas User Conference we gathered all subjects we had discussions about with you. A lot of questions were raised and we like to take out some issues to shine our light upon during this webinar.

Montoring Smallworld with Diagnostics
Presentation of John Leeuwenburg at the GE Americas User Conference. June 13, 2019

Webinar May 28, 2019
Speed, Scale and Relevance

Webinar November 19, 2018
Questions on Diagnostics during the GE APAC 2018 Sydney User Conference and our Responses

Launch of Diagnostics 2.0

Presentation Coen Pörteners at Wembley GE User Conference October 2018

Webinar September 20th, 2018

Webinar June 21, 2018

Webinar May 8th, 2018