Merge and Conflict

Supporter: Enexis B.V. (Energy Company); Charles von Harenberg

The “Merge and Conflict” module enables you to analyze the success rate of user actions regarding merging and posting in your VMDS. You get an overview of the dataset and all results of the merges. In a merge, it is possible a conflict will arise due to changes of other users of the database. This is normal Smallworld behavior. How are your users dealing with the merge? Do they solve the issues? Do they leave them unsolved?

Top 10 conflict objects
Top 10 conflict objects

This overview gives insight and the possibility to improve user behavior.
Next to the user behavior, you get information about the kind of objects or tables that are involved. This can help you review your application on unwanted and maybe unnecessary conflicts due to unnecessary changes.

Merge results per dataset
Merge results per dataset


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